Frugal Finds – Farch Edition

Farch: the aptly named amalgamation of the two bleakest months of the year. Typically characterized by a wicked case of cabin fever and not having brushed your hair all day.

In our family, anything undesirable that happens during the months of February and March (flat tire, getting sick, leaky roof) gets chalked up to Farch.┬áThe thrift store visits have been few and far between this Farch; however, I did find a few gems that I’m pretty stoked about!

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Frugal Finds – December 2017

I’m a frequent flyer at many of the thrift and consignment shops around HRM. Obviously thrift stores can be hit or miss. As often as I shop, I inevitably find a few hits every month! For me, an item is a hit when it’s in great condition, and it’s something I would want to purchase even if it were brand new.

Check out these great frugal Home, Fashion and Kids finds from December, under $25 altogether.

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