Vintage Fashion + IKEA = Inspo

Calling all lovers of vintage fashion and crafting! The Vintage Patterns Wiki has just released more than 80,000 out-of-print vintage sewing patterns, free to browse and use. Thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Bill for bringing this to my attention (psst…Bill is also a best-selling author and pickle tycoon – you might want to follow him!).

If you saw my no-sew fabric bunting post, you might remember that sewing and I are not friends. I feel the same way about it as I do Taylor Swift – I can’t stand it, but it’s wholesome and sweet, so I enthusiastically support other people who love it.

Browsing through these vintage patterns is pretty fun and nostalgic. Although it’s too ambitious of a project for me right now, it got me thinking that you could really up the ante by using IKEA textiles to make some of these garments. IKEA’s textiles are some of the most affordable out there as far as I can tell. Their signature brand of ditsy and bold patterns would work amazingly for a retro creation. Here are some pairings that get my wheels turning:

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Frugal Finds – Farch Edition

Farch: the aptly named amalgamation of the two bleakest months of the year. Typically characterized by a wicked case of cabin fever and not having brushed your hair all day.

In our family, anything undesirable that happens during the months of February and March (flat tire, getting sick, leaky roof) gets chalked up to Farch.┬áThe thrift store visits have been few and far between this Farch; however, I did find a few gems that I’m pretty stoked about!

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