8 Tips for Travelling Carry-on Only with a Baby

I recently took a five-day trip to Chicago with my sister and my 10 month old son. We had a peachy time visiting our sister and brother-in-law. I had been excited for the trip weeks in advance, but the idea of flying with the baby was less than appealing. Now that we’re home, decompressed and our suitcases are at least 50% unpacked, I feel I’ve gained some wisdom about the whole thing. On the way to Chicago, my son was calmer and better behaved than most of the adults on the flight. The way home was kind of like having to restrain a giant sea bass trying to get back to water, BUT, I was prepared for that!

I had set a goal for myself to travel carry-on only for this trip. It was definitely a challenge, but totally doable! The perks are obvious – you save money by not checking a bag, and it’s one less bag you have to drag behind you while trying to push a stroller.

Here are my 8 best tips for travelling carry-on only with your baby:

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