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Fin Super

If you follow my blog, you know I’m a proponent of frugality and finding great deals. To me, frugality doesn’t mean spending no money at all; it means being choosy about how you spend your money. Quality over quantity. It makes sense to me to spend a few dollars to maintain items rather than having to replace them when they bite the bullet. Enter: my review of Fin Super. I put this multi-function lubricant to the test on some household gadgets that I use all the time. Keep on reading for my honest review.

Full disclosure: This product was given to me in exchange for an honest review. This blog post is not sponsored.

First, a bit of info about the product. Fin Super, made by a company called Interflon, has traditionally been marketed for industrial use. That being said, it has a TON of household uses, from hinges to zippers to circuit boards. It’s kind of like the coconut oil of the household product world. Like other multi-function lubricants, it comes in an aerosol can with one of those skinny straws; however, it differs from other lubricants for very science-y reasons. It adheres to surfaces magnetically rather than viscously, which helps it last up to 10x longer. It claims to dry down to a protective film that doesn’t drip. Since it’s not viscous whatsoever, dirt has nothing to stick to and literally just falls off. I’m feeling educated, intrigued, and ready to put these claims to the test.

Case #1: The Rusty Can Opener

We have a rusty can opener that has seen a few spins around the sun. It still works but it takes more elbow grease than it should to turn the crank. According to what I’ve read online, Fin Super works wonders on rusty parts. I’m hoping it will break down some of the rust and free up the gears. Before getting started, I laid down some paper towel.  I didn’t wipe down the can opener with any other products first.

I sprayed a liberal amount of Fin Super on the rusty spots and let it sit for about 15 minutes. The manufacturer recommends letting it sit longer for really stubborn rust;  you could even leave it on overnight for something like badly seized bolts. I wiped off the product, turned the crank a few times, and finished wiping off the excess.

As you can see in my video review, Fin Super removed some, but not all, of the rust. In hindsight, Interflon has a product called Metal Clean that would have been ideal for giving the can opener a preliminary wipe-down. This would have cleaned away the dirt and grease for Fin Super to get the absolute best results. I could have also used an old toothbrush to slough away some of the dirt and rust before applying the product.

Spoiler alert: although there wasn’t much difference cosmetically from just one pass, the Fin Super completely freed up the rusted parts and made the can opener work like new. The can opener is much easier to use and also has the benefit of a protective layer.

It’s important to mention that Fin Super is fine for small appliances like this, but it isn’t food safe. You’ll want to avoid using it on kitchen knives or anything else that comes in direct contact with your food. If you plan to use lubricants a lot in the kitchen, Interflon makes a product called Food Lube that can be used on items that might come into indirect contact with food. Click here to read a bit more about using food lubes.

Case #2: The Glass Scraper 

This glass scraper lives on the kitchen shelf and we use it at least weekly for various jobs around the house. Its most popular use tends to be for cleaning the glass top stove. We’ve replaced this blade about four or five times now because it’s notorious for breaking, often at the most annoying moment. Probably because we let the grime build up for so long before trying to scrape it off, but I digress. According to their website, Fin Super maintains the fine edges of blades and provides a layer of protection. Seems logical that if I protect the blade, I won’t have to replace it as often.

I want to mention that I did this entire little project (applying Fin Super, letting it dry down, and using the blade to clean my stove) in the 15 minutes it took for the product to sit on the can opener. Ten points to Fin Super for being easy and quick to use, and one gold star for me for being #efficient. First, I sprayed a thin layer of the product on the blade, then immediately wiped it off with paper towel. I let it dry down for a few seconds and then wiped off the excess. There was no visible residue left on the blade, just an invisible protective film (again, SCIENCE). As I explain in my video review, Fin Super doesn’t actually sharpen the blade, it protects and maintains its edge.

I tested the blade on my glass top stove, which was definitely due for a good cleaning. My immediate thoughts: more of the blade seemed to be contacting the surface, and it was taking significantly less elbow grease (little to none) to scrape off the grime. As you can tell from my reaction in the video, I was impressed. What would normally be a 15 minute job was cut down to 5 minutes or less. This was an unexpected “side effect”. I expected that the blade would be protected and I might not have to replace it as often. I didn’t expect for it to help me save time and energy on an annoying household task.

Final Thoughts

For me, Fin Super is a stand-out product for somewhat surprising reasons. Yes – it works well. It definitely lives up to its claims and gets the job done, but so do other products. Here are a few reasons why I like and recommend Fin Super.

1. Easy of Use

I really appreciated how easy the product was to use. The straw makes it easy to apply the product where you need it, and doesn’t create a mess. Like I mentioned earlier, it dries down to a film and doesn’t drip. The film repels dirt so the product lasts longer and your item stays cleaner. I threw away the paper towel I used, and that was the extent of the cleanup.

2. Odor…What Odor?

I tend to associate aerosols and lubricants with a strong chemical odor. Fin Super has an incredibly mild, almost non-existent smell. I used this in my dining room with all the windows closed with absolutely no issue. The fact that I don’t have to go down to the garage to use it means that I’ll get more use out of it. I can keep it in the cupboard and use it on the fly. I’m sensitive to chemical smells and this doesn’t give me a headache.

3. Versatility

It’s really the hundreds of varied uses that makes Fin Super shine. Even though I don’t consider myself a multi-function lubricant connoisseur, I will definitely continue to use it for small kitchen appliances (not ones that come into contact with food, of course), craft supplies like scissors and paper cutters, and our hair clippers. My husband has already used it on electronics. I know he’ll be stealing it in the spring for outdoor jobs too.

4. Bang for your Buck

I was able to accomplish these two small jobs with the smallest amount of product. The 300 mL can is going to last for YEARS. As I mentioned before, it lasts up to 10x longer on surfaces than other lubricants so I’ll need to re-apply it less frequently. It really is a matter of making a quality investment. Fin Super is pricier per can than other lubes, but it will help you save money in the long run by needing to use less and maintaining your items. Speaking of bang for your buck, they’re offering a BOGO deal right now for verified Amazon purchasers who leave a review. This deal runs until January 31st. Fin Super would make a great stocking stuffer for the DIYers and handy people in your life.

Thanks so much for reading my honest product review. If you have any questions about the products mentioned in this post, you can visit Interflon’s website.

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