Frugal Finds – Farch Edition

Farch: the aptly named amalgamation of the two bleakest months of the year. Typically characterized by a wicked case of cabin fever and not having brushed your hair all day.

In our family, anything undesirable that happens during the months of February and March (flat tire, getting sick, leaky roof) gets chalked up to Farch. The thrift store visits have been few and far between this Farch; however, I did find a few gems that I’m pretty stoked about!


I love wooden toys. They just seem so much more substantial than plastic things. I found this Melissa & Doug puzzle in almost new condition and scooped it up for about 1/3 of the price of a new one.

Melissa & Doug jumbo knob puzzle – $3.99 @ Value Village

These baby-sized suede moccasins were a really cool find. They’re Canadian made by a company called Amimoc in the Huron tradition. It was interesting reading up about Amimoc and how these are made. Plus how CUTE are they?! They are $34.99 new, and I’m sure worth every penny, but I was excited about this bargain.


Baby moccasins – $3.99 @ Value Village


Fashion is a weird topic for me lately. I’ve always loved clothes shopping and putting outfits together. Even when I was pregnant, I still enjoyed all of those things and felt good about how I looked for the most part. Then I had the baby and, as many new parents might tell you, fashion went out the window. Now that I’m getting more used to my new normal and preparing to go back to work in a few months, I’m thinking more about how I’m going to dress myself when that time comes. There are a couple of extra requirements I think about now when I’m choosing what to wear.

1. My body shape has changed since having the baby.

2. I need to be able to move without any type of constraint whatsoever.

These new (to me) clothes will fit the bill quite nicely. See ya soon, desk job.

Melissa McCarthy Seven7 blouse – $10.99 @ Value Village

Allison Daley blazer – $9.99 @ Value Village

Paraphrase blouse – $4.99 @ Mission Thrift Store

I hope you’re all having a great week and that Farch isn’t leaking into your April too much. 😉

🙂 Jessica

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