DIY Mini House Shelves UNDER $10

I’ve passed by these wooden houses in Dollarama’s craft section for ages. Recently, my Pinterest and YouTube have been flooded with ideas for minimalist-inspired decor. Although minimalism isn’t really my style, pins like this one show how adorably whimsical those little wooden houses can look in a kid’s room. It inspired me to get crafting! I’m in LOVE with how the final product turned out. If you’re into quick, easy and cheap DIYs, this one’s for you!

The wooden craft houses at Dollarama come in three sizes, ranging from $2 to $3. They also come with hardware for hanging.


The Inspiration

My colour inspiration came from the curtains in the baby’s room. I love them because my mother-in-law made them and we had fun picking out the fabric together. The nursery walls are painted a blue-grey, so the turquoise, grey and white colour palette works beautifully.

Prep the Surface

The first thing I did was apply a latex primer using a sponge brush. This would hopefully prevent the paint from seeping into the wood and provide a more consistent finish. I let it dry overnight. Using a primer is *probably* optional, but I feel like it makes a difference in the finished product.

It also wouldn’t hurt to sand the houses down since they’re a bit rough. I chose not to sand them because I was afraid of breaking them (dollar store quality isn’t always ideal) and I knew they would be hung on the wall out of reach anyway.

Drop the Base

Next, I used a sponge brush to paint the outside of each house in one of the three colours. Since they had been primed, only the white one needed a second coat. I painted the front border of each house a different colour for contrast.


Spice it Up

The houses look sweet with just a solid colour, especially if you like the minimalist look. My style is more “shabby chic”, so I wanted to add patterns. Using a stencil would be the easiest way to do this and would give you the cleanest look. Free-handing them can look great too, as long as you resign yourself to the fact that the pattern isn’t going to look perfect. I didn’t mind that (again with the shabby chic vibe). I marked off the chevron pattern using a ruler before I went in with the paint, just because I feel like chevron can look crappy if the lines are wobbly. I used a very dense, short, square brush to paint the patterns.


*Side note: Hands up if you still have one of these awesome TMNT rulers from Bonanza Video laying around. I think they were giving them out with video rentals in the early ’90s.

Finishing Touches

Finally, I touched up any messy areas and covered any visible pencil lines from the chevron design. I also added an additional coat of white paint on the inside of each house for a cleaner look.

WOOD You Look At This?

I think these houses look sweet hung up in my son’s bedroom. They’re a combination of function and whimsy. At under $10, you can’t really go wrong!


🙂 Jessica

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