Frugal Finds – January 2018

January is an awesome time to thrift shop because people are getting rid of all the old crap they don’t want after Christmas. I will gladly sift through all of the old crap and find my own treasures. Everything I picked up this month came to under $30.


@HalifaxReTales tweeted this the other day:

The liquidation of Target Canada began 3 years ago today

During its brief stint in Canada, Target made me fall in love with its dollar section, and a few of their brands, including Merona, Gilligan & O’Malley (best jammies) and Nate Berkus. I immediately gravitated toward this mirrored tray as soon as I spotted it on the shelf at the thrift store. You know that feeling when you see something that’s almost TOO good at the thrift store and you quickly scan the area to see whether someone else has spotted it too, and think to yourself PLAY IT COOL, JESSICA while you speedwalk toward the item? When I picked it up and saw that it was a Nate Berkus tray I was reminded of the good old days of deal-hunting at Target. I had also been looking for a tray like this for my dresser.


Nate Berkus gold mirrored tray – $9.99 @ Value Village (


I’m going to get a ton of use out of this bib necklace for a couple of reasons. One, it’s in my signature colour. Two, it has an extra long chain which I always appreciate. And look at that contrast against my ghostly white skin…

#itsafilter #justkiddingimreallythatpale

Turquoise octagonal bib necklace – $5.99 @ Value Village


The EZPZ placemat is supposed to contain your kid’s mess and eliminate bowls landing on the floor. I’ll keep you posted. This placemat is in brand new condition. The same one sells on Amazon for $29.99.

It’s also worth mentioning that I’m a big fan of Growth Spurts Consignment Store. I always find little gems in their shop, and the owner is lovely to deal with.

EZPZ Placemat – $10 @ Growth Spurts Consignment Store  

Getting major cool kid vibes from this lil’ outfit I found at Value Village. The book is because I have to have anything Eric Carle.

Joe Fresh baby bomber jacket – $0.99 @ Value Village

Joe Fresh paper airplane print onesie – $1.99 @ Value Village

The Very Hungry Caterpillar bath book – $0.99 @ Goodies

Thanks for checking out January’s frugal finds. Now let’s see how much damage I can do during the shortest month of the year.

🙂 Jessica

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