Frugal Finds – December 2017

I’m a frequent flyer at many of the thrift and consignment shops around HRM. Obviously thrift stores can be hit or miss. As often as I shop, I inevitably find a few hits every month! For me, an item is a hit when it’s in great condition, and it’s something I would want to purchase even if it were brand new.

Check out these great frugal Home, Fashion and Kids finds from December, under $25 altogether.


I went to Value Village looking for pretty fabric that I could use for an upcoming project. I found this shower curtain that I can re-purpose, although it kind of pains me to cut it up! Stay tuned…I hope know it’s going to be worth it.

Cynthia Rowley shower curtain – $4.99 @ Value Village

Dream Big jewelry dish – $1.49 @ Value Village


I’m rarely looking for any specific clothing items or accessories when I go thrift shopping. Just whatever calls my name. That’s what makes it so much fun. These earrings are my style and colour, and the blazer will be a go-to item when I go back to work. Both are in jewel tones which are always flattering.

Teal chandelier earrings – $3.99 @ Value Village

Penningtons Blazer $8.99 @ Value Village


Kids stuff is where thrift stores really tend to shine. Since kids outgrow stuff so quickly, many items are gently used and in great shape. If it can easily be washed or wiped down, chances are I’m buying it used. This goes for toys, clothes and books. This way I feel like I have a good selection of stuff for the bubbers but it’s no big deal if he’s uninterested in something or it gets pooped on.

Always extra exciting to find something new in the package. Even if it’s just safety locks…let me have this.

Batman onesie – $0.99 @ Salvation Army Thrift Store

Wooden maraca – $0.99 @ Salvation Army Thrift Store

Angle locks – $0.99 @ Salvation Army Thrift Store

Love You Forever hardcover book – $1.49 @ Value Village

🙂 Jessica


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